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I changed jobs.

Hi guys. I changed jobs. Now I am assembling aluminum structures again. Finally, I'm happy. I work in the field in which I know, in which I have been working since 2008. The job I love to do. We have an order for the windows of the Reynaers aluminum system. The order is large. Work on weekends is possible. Hope I get paid well. I haven't seen a normal salary for a long time. Thanks for the comment you left. Please share on social networks!

This post is about how hard it is for me to live.

Tired of fucking work. This post is about how hard it is for me to live. I work for $ 200 a month, preparing boards for painting. I sand furniture by hand. The boss stands like an overseer. I have 12 years of experience as an installer of aluminum structures.

Bought a dumbbell

Hi guys. I bought a 16 kg dumbbell . I want to pump up my arms. I have no muscle mass at all. There is only a fat belly. Thin arms look ugly. In the morning you need to do sports. I do push-ups daily for 4 sets of 15 reps. I also do dumbbell squats. With rubber loops, squats are inconvenient to do. I do 80 squats a day. 4 sets of 20 reps. At first, my muscles ached very badly, I suffered. I also need to get rid of my belly. Excess fat gets in the way and is a little annoying. Of course, daily squats should burn fat. I don't know if it's worth starting to make the bar. In January I will photograph the results of my training. Thanks for the comment you left.

New Year's party at work

New Year's party at work. 12.29.2015. We drank, hung ourselves and just had a great time.

Hello world

Hello World . My first post. My name is Ilnur Karymov .  I love and need a personal blog. My English is not very good, so I won't write that often. Leave comments, rate my English!